modular low-height acoustic barrier system adaptable to any environment

Our patented solution consists of a modular low-height acoustic barrier system adaptable to any environment.

Absorbent and reflective materials, shaped into specific geometries, allow for a low-rise, modular, self-supporting design, suitable to last for years without degradation or maintenance.

The system does not require a foundation and therefore avoids the need for costly civil works. It complies with the railway legislation required for elements that are positioned near the track.

Competitive advantage

Currently, in urban and peri-urban environments, conventional solutions are not adequate to the standards of living demanded by society: enormous visual impact, marginalization, limited space, the need to carry out civil works or intrusion problems, are their main drawbacks. In addition, other solutions such as burying tracks are technically and economically unfeasible.

Our solution offers the following competitive advantages over existing solutions on the market:

  • Less visual impact due to its low height
    (less than 1.2 m).

  • Designed to attenuate noise in urban environments: It achieves acoustic attenuation equal to or greater than that obtained with a conventional acoustic screen of 8 meters.

  • Suitable for traffic speeds up to 150 km/h.

  • Lower costs than a conventional barrier of similar effectiveness (4 to 8 meters high).

  • It does not present problems to the impact of wind loads, due to its weight and low height.

  • Does not need maintenance.

  • Does not require foundations.

  • It is adaptable to multiple additional applications.

Comparación con otras soluciones

  Making rail lines
under ground
Cost Very high High Low
Execution time Very high High Low
Technical deasabilty Very low Medium Very high
Land affection Very high High Very low
Maintennance Low Medium Very low
Visual impact Low Very high Very low


Composition of the mini-barrier system:

  • Self-supporting and customizable side barriers 1.2 meters high and 2 meters long.
  • Central Micro Barriers.
  • Intermediate pieces designed to overcome obstacles on the track such as poles or manholes.
  • Absorbers to place in the existing walls.

Town planning

Our mission is to achieve a solution to the problem of noise, respecting and improving the environment. Our knowledge of wave transmission mechanics and materials technology come together to give rise to a range of products that reconciles landscaping and shielding.

At Acustrain we propose the best options for each project, meeting the requirements of our clients.


We offer integration solutions that multiply the added value:

  • Vertical garden for especially sensitive urban areas, or tramway areas. The visible face that does not act on noise is provided with support and self-watering elements that allow the creation of a green wall or vertical gardencal.
  • Photovoltaic generation for areas exposed to high solar radiation.
  • Informative or advertising area for high-traffic locations. The mini barrier as a means of transmitting practical or advertising information. .
  • Ornamentation. In compliance with the gauge limitations, it can be provided with different ornamental ridge caps.
  • Surface finish. Dyeing of the concrete base material, to avoid degradation due to the application of paints.


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